Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
Gesammelte Werke • Collected Works

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (1710–1784), oldest son of Johann Sebastian Bach, enjoys an outstanding reputation as one of the most independent-minded composers of his age. Yet his work—only partly available in modern editions—represents the ambitious attempt to absorb the legacy of his father and to develop the taste of his own generation further. Lofty artistic ambitions are to be found in almost all of W.F. Bach’s works—from the early piano pieces via the cantatas of his middle period to the late sonatas and fantasias.

Now for the first time, the Bach-Archiv Leipzig, with the support of The Packard Humanities Institute (Los Altos, California), will publish the works of this oldest son of Bach in a comprehensive edition of eleven volumes. Edited by Dr. Peter Wollny, published by Carus-Verlag Stuttgart, and distributed by The Packard Humanities Institute.

ORGANIZATION (with links to volumes that are available to order)

Volume 1 Piano Works I: Sonatas and Concerto for Harpsichord Solo, Concerto for Two Harpsichords
(Carus 32.001; 978-1-933280-91-2) June 2009, xvii, 179 pp. $75.00

Volume 2 Piano Works II: Polonaises, Fugues and Fantasies for Harpsichord Solo; Shorter Works for One Keyboard Instrument; Works for Mechanical Instruments; Canons
(Carus 32.002; 978-1-933280-92-9)

Volume 3 Chamber Music: Duets, Solo Sonatas and Trio Sonatas
(Carus 32.003; 978-1-933280-93-6) November 2010, xix, 147 pp. $75.00

Volume 4 Orchestral Music I: Concertos for Harpsichord
(Carus 32.004; 978-1-933280-94-3)

Volume 5 Orchestral Music II: Concerto for Two Harpsichords; Concerto for Flute
(Carus 32.005; 978-1-933280-95-0) June 2009, xvii, 99 pp. $45.00

Volume 6 Orchestral Music III: Symphonies
(Carus 32.006; 978-1-933280-96-7) January 2010, xv, 93 pp., $45.00

Volume 7 Vocal Music I: Cantatas for Advent, Christmas, and New Year
(Carus 32.007; 978-1-933280-97-4)

Volume 8 Vocal Music II: Cantatas for Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost
(Carus 32.008; 978-1-933280-98-1)

Volume 9 Vocal Music III: Cantatas for the Feasts of the Virgin Mary and for the Sundays of the Church Year
(Carus 32.009; 978-1-933280-99-8)

Volume 10 Vocal Music IV: Cantatas for Special Occasions (Carus 32.010; 978-1-933280-90-5)

Volume 11 Vocal Music V: Masses and Separate Movements
(Carus 32.011; 978-1-933280-89-9)

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