Date CPEB: Life CPEB: Works World Events
1684 20 October: Maria Barbara Bach is born    
1685 21 March: JSB is born in Eisenach   George Frideric Handel (1685–1759)
1694     Voltaire (1694–1778)
1703 14 August: JSB accepts a position at and subsequently moves to Arnstadt    
1706     Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
1707 15 June: JSB accepts a position at and subsequently moves to Mühlhausen
17 October: JSB marries Maria Barbara
1710 22 November: WFB is born in Weimar    
1714 8 March: “a little son” born in Weimar, parents JSB and Maria Barbara Bach
10 March: baptized “Carolus Philippus Imanuel” in the Town Church (St. Peter and St. Paul), G.P. Telemann is his godfather
  Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714–87)
Niccolo Jommelli (1714–74)
Gottfried August Homilius (1714–85)
1716     Couperin, L‘art de toucher le clavecin
1717 Late December: JSB moves with his family to Cöthen, where he is now Kapellmeister    
1720 Early July: Maria Barbara Bach, CPEB‘s mother, dies   JSB, “Brandenburg” Concertos
1721 3 December: JSB marries Anna Magdalena Wilcke    
1722     JSB, Das Wohltemperirte Clavier, Part I
Rameau, Traité de l‘harmonie
1723 22 May: JSB moves with his family to Leipzig, where he is Thomaskantor
14 June: CPEB begins attending the Thomasschule as a day-boy in the quinta class
  JSB, Magnificat, BWV 243
1724     JSB, St. John Passion, BWV 245
1725     Fux, Gradus ad Parnassum
1727     JSB, St. Matthew Passion, BWV 244
1731 1 October: CPEB matriculates at Leipzig University, studying law
Minuet in C (Wq 111) is published, engraved by CPEB himself
Sonata, B flat (Wq 62/1, rev. 1744)
Sonata, F (Wq 65/1, rev. 1744)
Sonata, D, kbd, vn (Wq 71, rev. 1746)
Duetto, d, kbd, vn (Wq 72, rev. 1747)
Sonata, b, fl, vn, bc (Wq 143, rev. 1747)
Sonata, e, fl, vn, bc (Wq 144, rev. 1747)
Sonata, d, fl, vn, bc (Wq 145, rev. 1747)
Sonata, A, fl, vn, bc (Wq 146, rev. 1747)
Sonata, C, fl, vn, bc (Wq 147, rev. 1747)
1732 21 June: JCFB, later known as the “Bückeburg Bach,” is born in Leipzig Sonata, a (Wq 65/2, rev. 1744)
Sonata, d (Wq 65/3, rev. 1744)
Joseph Haydn (1732–1809)
ca. 1733 CPEB sits for a watercolor portrait by his cousin, Gottlieb Friedrich Bach    
1733   Suite, e (Wq 65/4, rev. 1744)
Concerto, a (Wq 1, rev. 1744)
1734 CPEB matriculates at the university in Frankfurt an der Oder Sonatina, F (Wq 64/1, rev. 1744)
Sonatina, G (Wq 64/2, rev. 1744)
Sonatina, a (Wq 64/3, rev. 1744)
Sonatina, e (Wq 64/4, rev. 1744)
Sonatina, D (Wq 64/5, rev. 1744)
Sonatina, c (Wq 64/6, rev. 1744)
Concerto, E flat (Wq 2, rev. 1743)
Cantata, Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Stande
JSB, Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248
1735 or earlier   Sonata, g, ob, bc (Wq 135)
Sonata, G, fl, bc (Wq 134)
1735 5 September: JCB, later known as the “London Bach,” is born in Leipzig Minuet by Locatelli (Wq 118/7)
Sonata, e (Wq 65/5, rev. 1743)
Sonata, G, fl, bc (Wq 123)
Sonata, a, fl, vn, bc (Wq 148)
1736   Sonata, G (Wq 65/6, rev. 1743)
Sonata, E flat (Wq 65/7, rev. 1744)
1737   Sonata, C (Wq 65/8, rev. 1743)
Sonata, B flat (Wq 65/9, rev. 1743)
Concerto, G (Wq 3, rev. 1745)
Sonata, e, fl, bc (Wq 124)
1738 CPEB moves to Berlin to join the private capelle of Crown Prince Friedrich Sonata, A (Wq 65/10, rev. 1743)
Concerto, G (Wq 4)
Sonata, B flat, fl, bc (Wq 126)
3 arias (Wq 211)
1739   Sonata, G (Wq 62/2)
Sonata, g (Wq 65/11)
Concerto, c (Wq 5, rev. 1762)
Sonata, G, fl, bc (So7, Wq 127)
1740 31 May: CPEB begins official appointment as court harpsichordist at the court of King Frederick II Sonata, D (Wq 62/3)
Sonata, G (Wq 65/12)
Sonata, F (Wq 48/1)
Sonata, B flat (Wq 48/2)
Concerto, F, 2 hpds (Wq 46)
Concerto, g (Wq 6)
Concerto, A (Wq 7)
Sonata, a, fl, bc (Wq 128)
Sonata, D, fl, bc (Wq 129)
War of Austrian Succession (1740–48)
Friedrich II succeeds his father, Friedrich William I, as king of Prussia
1741   Sonata, E (Wq 48/3)
Sonata, c (Wq 48/4)
Sonata, C (Wq 48/5)
Concerto, A (Wq 8)
Symphony, G (Wq 173)
Schäferlied (Wq 199/2)
1742 Sei Sonate per Cembalo (“Prussian” Sonatas, Wq 48) published in Nuremberg by Schmid Sonata, A (Wq 48/6)
Sonata, a (Wq 49/1)
Sonata, A flat (Wq 49/2)
Sonata, B flat (W. 49/4)
Concerto, G (Wq 9)
Concerto, B flat (Wq 10)
Handel, Messiah
1743 An attack of the gout forces CPEB to visit the Bohemian spa of Teplitz
Sei Sonate per Cembalo (“Württemberg” Sonatas, Wq 49) published in Nuremberg by Haffner
Sonata, b (Wq 65/13)
Sonata, e (Wq 49/3)
Sonata, E flat (Wq 49/5)
Concerto, D (Wq 11)
Der Zufriedne (Wq 199/10)
Die verliebte Verzweifelung (Wq199/12)
Luigi Boccherini (1743–1805)
1744 CPEB marries Johanna Maria Dannemann, the daughter of a Berlin wine merchant
Concerto per il Cembalo concerto (Wq 11) published in Nuremberg by Schmid
Sonata, b (Wq 49/6)
Sonata, D (Wq 65/14)
Sonata, d (Wq 62/4)
Sonata, E (Wq 62/5)
Sonata, C (Wq 62/7)
Sonata, f (Wq 62/6)
Sonata, f# (Wq 52/4)
Concerto, F (Wq 12)
Concerto, D (Wq 13)
Concerto, E (Wq 14)
JSB, Das Wohltemperirte Clavier, Part II
1745 30 November: birth of CPEB‘s son Johann Adam (1745–89) Sonata, G (Wq 65/15)
Symphony, G (Wq 122/1)
Minuet with 5 variations (Wq 118/3)
Concerto, e (Wq 15)
Concerto, G (Wq 16)
Concerto, d (Wq 17)
Concerto, D (Wq 18)
Sonata, C, fl, vn, bc (Wq 149)
Sonata, C, vdg, bc (Wq 136)
13 September: Franz Stephan of Lorraine is elected Holy Roman Emperor, Franz I
1746   Sonata, C (Wq 65/16)
Sonata, g (Wq 65/17)
Sonata, F (Wq 65/18)
Sonata, F (Wq 65/19)
Concerto, A (Wq 19)
Concerto, C (Wq 20)
Sonata, D, vdg, bc (Wq 137)
Sonata, B flat, fl, bc (Wq 130)
1747 4 September: birth of CPEB‘s daughter Anna Carolina Philippa (1747–1805) Sonata, B flat (Wq 65/20)
Arioso with 7 variations (Wq 118/4)
Sonata, d, 2-manual kbd. (Wq 69)
Sonata, F (Wq 65/21)
Sonata, E flat (Wq 52/1)
Concerto, a (Wq 21)
Concerto, d (Wq 22)
Sonata, D, fl, bc (Wq 131)
Sonata, a, fl solo (Wq 132)
Sonata, G, fl, vn, bc (Wq 150)
Sonata, D, fl, vn, bc (Wq 151)
Sonata, F, 2 vn, bc (Wq 154)
Sonata, e, 2 vn, bc (Wq 155)
Joseph II (1747–90)
1748 26 September: birth of CPEB‘s son Johann Sebastian, later known as Johann Samuel (1748–78) Sonata, G (Wq 65/22)
Sonata, F (Wq 62/8)
Sonata, d (Wq 65/23)
Concerto, d (Wq 23)
Concerto, e (Wq 24)
Duet, e, fl., vn. (Wq 140)
Sonata, B flat, fl, fl/vn, bc (Wq 161/2)
1749   Sonata, F (Wq 62/9)
Sonata, d (Wq 65/24)
Sonata, a (Wq 65/25)
Sonata, C (Wq 62/10)
Concerto, B flat (Wq 25)
Trio, 2 fl, bc (Wq 162)
Sonata, c, 2 vn, bc (Wq 161/1)
Magnificat (Wq 215)
1750 28 June: JSB dies
CPEB‘s first application for the position of Thomaskantor in Leipzig is rejected
Allegretto, 6 variations (Wq 118/5)
Sonata, G (Wq 62/11)
Sonata, G (Wq 65/26)
Sonata, g (Wq 51/6)
Concerto, a (Wq 26)
Concerto, D (Wq 27)
Die Küsse (Wq 199/4)
Trinklied (Wq 199/5)
Amint (Wq 199/11)
JSB, Der Kunst der Fuge published
1751 January: CPEB journeys to Halberstadt and Brunswick
June: CPEB journeys to Hamburg and Bückeburg
Zwey Trio (Wq 161) published in Nuremberg by Schmid
Suite, e (Wq 62/12)
Concerto, B flat (Wq 28)
1752 Concert per il cembalo concertato (Wq 25) published in Nuremberg by Schmid Sonata, D (Wq 62/13)
Sonata, g (Wq 65/27)
Variations, Ich schlief (Wq 118/1)
Muzio Clementi (1752–1832)
Quantz: Versuch einer Anwisung die Flöte traversiere zu spielen
1753 November-December: CPEB files an unsuccessful application for the position of organist at the Johanniskirche in Zittau
Versuch über die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen (Wq 254) published in Berlin
Probestücke (Wq 63/1–6) published in Berlin
Concertos I (c.1753, Wq 11, 25, 14) published in London by Walsh
CPEB and Agricola publish obituary of JSB
Sonata (Probestück) (Wq 63/1)
Sonata (Probestück) (Wq 63/2)
Sonata (Probestück) (Wq 63/3)
Sonata (Probestück) (Wq 63/4)
Sonata (Probestück) (Wq 63/5)
Sonata (Probestück) (Wq 63/6)
Concerto, A (Wq 29)
Concerto, b (Wq 30)
Concerto, c (Wq 31)
1754 21 June: CPEB becomes godfather to Johann Carl Philipp, son of cousin Johann Ernst
CPEB performs in Gotha and Kassel
Sonata, G (Wq 62/14)
Sonata, E flat (Wq 65/28)
La Gause (Wq 117/37)
La Pott (Wq 117/18)
La Borchwald (Wq 117/17)
La Boehmer (Wq 117/26)
Concerto, g (Wq 32)
Sonata, G, 2 vn, bc (Wq 157)
Sinfonia, a, 2 vn, bc (W. 156)
Sonata, D, kbd, vn (Wq 74)
Sonata, B flat, 2 vn, bc (Wq 158)
Die märkische Helene (Wq 199/14)
Die sächsiche Helene (Wq 199/1)
1755 Early May: CPEB writes a memorandum to the king complaining about his payment as compared to Christoph Nichelmann‘s. Nichelmann leaves the court and Bach‘s salary is raised by 200 Thalers
CPEB‘s second unsuccessful application to the post of Thomaskantor in Leipzig
Fugue, g (Wq 119/5, Wq 112/19)
Fugue, d (Wq 119/2)
Fugue, F (Wq 119/3)
Fugue, A (Wq 119/4)
Fugue, E flat (Wq 119/6)
La Philippine (Wq 117/34)
La Gabriel (Wq 117/35)
La Caroline (Wq 117/39)
Allegretto, F (Wq 116/19)
Allegro, D (Wq 116/20)
Sonata, g (Wq 70/6)
Sonata, E (Wq 65/29)
Sonata, D (Wq 70/5)
La Prinzette (Wq 117/21)
L'Aly Rupalich (Wq 117/27)
La Gleim (Wq 117/19)
La Stahl (Wq 117/25)
La Bergius (Wq 117/20)
La Buchholtz (Wq 117/24)
L'Herrmann (Wq 117/23)
Sonata, F (Wq 70/3)
Sonata, a (Wq 70/4)
Concerto, F (Wq 33)
Concerto, G, org (Wq 34)
Sonata, F, vla, bs rec, bc (Wq 163)
Sonata, G, fl, vn, bc (Wq 153)
Symphony, D (Wq 176)
Symphony, C (Wq 174)
Symphony, F (Wq 175)
1756 In response to the start of the Seven Years War, CPEB joins the militia Sonata, e (Wq 65/30)
La Capricieuse (Wq 117/33)
La Complaisante (Wq 117/28)
Les Langeurs tendres (Wq 117/30)
La Journaliere (Wq 117/32)
L'Irresolue (Wq 117/31)
La Louise (Wq 117/36)
Sonata, d (Wq 62/15)
Prelude, D, for organ (Wq 70/7)
Sonata, F, 2 vlns, bc (Wq 160)
Symphony, e (Wq 178)
Lied eines jungen Mädchens (Wq 199/3)
Der Morgen (Wq 199/6)
Die Biene (Wq 199/9)
Die Küsse (Wq 199/13)
OM: Gott hat den Herrn auferwecket (Wq 244)
Seven Years‘ War (1756–63)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756–91)
1757 Einfall (Wq 257) published in Berlin by Lange Sonata, B flat (Wq 62/16)
Sonata, c (Wq 65/31, Wq 266/1)
Sonata, g (Wq 62/18)
Sonata, G (Wq 62/19)
Sonata, E (Wq 62/17)
Sonata, C (Wq 62/20)
La Xenophon, La Sybille (Wq 117/29)
La Sophie (Wq 117/40)
L'Ernestine (Wq 117/38)
L'Auguste (Wq 117/22)
Symphony, E flat (Wq 179)
Der Stoiker (Wq 199/8)
Serin (Wq 199/15)
Gellert-Lieder (55 songs; Wq 194)
1758 Russian Army occupies Berlin; CPEB moves to Zerbst to stay with Carl Fasch
December: CPEB returns to Berlin
Zwölf Kleine Stücke I (Wq 81) published in Berlin by Winter
Gellert-Lieder (Wq 194) published in Berlin by Winter
Sonata, b (Wq 62/22)
Sonata, B flat (Wq 70/2)
Sonata, A (Wq 65/32, 70/1)
Sonata, a (Wq 62/21)
Sonata, B flat (Wq 50/5)
Sonata, c (Wq 51/3)
Sonata, d (Wq 51/4)
Sonata, e (Wq 52/6)
Sonata, F (Wq 55/2)
12 Stücke, kbd, 2 fl/vn (Wq 81)
Symphony, G (Wq 180)
Herausforderungslied vor der Schlacht bey Rossbach (Wq 199/20)
Carl Friedrich Zelter (1758–1832)
1759 Sinfonia (Wq 177) published in Nuremberg by Schmid Sonata, F (Wq 50/1)
Sonata, G (Wq 50/2)
Sonata, a (Wq 50/3)
Sonata, d (Wq 50/4)
Sonata, c (Wq 50/6)
Sonata, a (Wq 65/33)
Sonata, F (Wq 51/5)
Sonata, d (Wq 52/2)
Fantasia, D (Wq 112/2, Wq 117/8)
Fantasia, B flat (Wq 112/8, Wq 117/9)
Fantasia, F (Wq 112/15, Wq 117/10)
Solfeggio, G (Wq 112/4, Wq 117/5)
Solfeggio, C (Wq 112/10, Wq 117/6)
Solfeggio (Wq 112/18, Wq 117/7)
Concerto, E flat, org. (Wq 35)
Sonata, g, kbd, vdg (Wq 88)
1760 27 February: Anna Magdalena dies
Reprisen-Sonaten (Wq 50) published in Berlin by Winter
Concerto III per il cembalo concertato (Wq 14) published in Berlin by Winter
Concertos II (Wq 18, 34, 24) published in London by Longman, Lukey & Co.
Sonata, B flat (Wq 65/34)
Sonata, C (Wq 51/1)
Sonata, B flat (Wq 51/2)
Allegro, C (Wq 116/21)
Polonoise, g (Wq 116/22)
Variations, Italian arietta (Wq 118/2)
1761 Fortsetzung (Wq 51) published in Berlin by Winter Sonata, g (Wq 52/3)  
1762 Versuch II (Wq 255) published in Berlin by Winter
Oden (Wq 199) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
Sonata, E (Wq 52/5)
Sonata, C (Wq 53/5)
Sonata, C (Wq 53/1)
Concerto, B flat (Wq 36)
Concerto, c (Wq 37)
Sonatina, D (Wq 96)
Sonatina, D, 2 kbd (Wq 109)
Sonatina, G (Wq 97)
Sonatina, G (Wq 98)
Sonatina, F (Wq 99)
Solo, G, harp (Wq 139)
Symphony, F (Wq 181)
Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice
1763 Zweyte Fortsetzung (Wq 52) published in Berlin by Winter
Sonata (Wq 132) and Sonata (Wq 158) published in Musikalisches Mancheley in Berlin by Winter
Sonata, f (Wq 57/6)
Sonata, A (Wq 65/37)
Sonata, d (Wq 112/7)
Sonata, B flat (Wq 65/38)
Sonata, e (Wq 65/39)
Sonata, D (Wq 65/40)
Sonata, C (Wq 65/41)
Concerto, F (Wq 38)
Sonatina, B flat, 2 kbds (Wq 110)
Sonatina, E (Wq 100)
Sonatina, C (Wq 101, rev. Wq 106)
Sonatina, D (Wq 102)
Concerto, C (Wq 103)
Sonata, F, kbd, vn (Wq 75)
Sonata, b, kbd, vn (Wq 76)
Sonata, B flat, kbd, vn (Wq 77)
Sonata, c, kbd, vn (Wq 78)
1764 Gellert-Anhang (Wq 195) published in Berlin by Winter
Sonatina I (Wq 106) published in Berlin by Winter
Sonatina II (1764/65, Wq 107) published in Berlin by Winter
Sonata, F (Wq 53/6)
Sonata, a (Wq 53/3)
Sonata, b (Wq 53/4)
Sonata, B flat (Wq 53/2)
Sonatina, F (Wq 104, rev. Wq 107)
Sonatina, E flat (Wq 105, rev. Wq 108)
Gellert-Anhang (12 songs; Wq 195)
1765 Clavierstücke verschiedener Art (Wq 112) published in Berlin by Winter Concerto, C (Wq 112/1)
Allegro, G (Wq 113/1)
Arioso, C (Wq 113/2)
Fantasia, d (Wq 113/3, Wq 117/15)
2 minuets, F (Wq 113/4)
Polonoise, a (Wq 113/5)
Allegretto, D (Wq 113/6)
Polonoise, D (Wq 113/7)
Allegretto, A (Wq 113/8)
Sonata, G (Wq 55/6)
Sonata, A (Wq 55/4)
Sonata, D (Wq 54/5)
Sonata, e (Wq 58/4)
Sonata, d (Wq 54/3)
Sonata, E flat (Wq 65/42)
Concerto, B flat (Wq 39, Wq 164)
Concerto, E flat (Wq 40, Wq 165)
Phillis und Thirsis (Wq 232)
Joseph II becomes Holy Roman Emperor (1765–90)
1766 Leichte (Wq 53) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
Kurze und leichte Clavierstücke (Wq 113) published in Berlin by Winter
Sonatina III (Wq 108) published in Berlin by Winter
Phillis und Thirsis (Wq 232) published in Berlin by Winter
Der Wirth und die Gäste (Wq 201) published in Berlin Winter
Andante e sostenuto, g (Wq 113/9)
Presto, B flat (Wq 113/10)
Allegro, d (Wq 113/11)
Romanze, 12 variations (Wq 118/6)
Sonata, B flat (Wq 65/44)
Sonata, B flat (Wq 65/45)
Sonata, A (Wq 54/6)
Sonata, B flat (Wq 54/4)
Sonata, E (Wq 65/46)
Sonata, C (Wq 54/2)
Sonata, c (Wq 60)
Sonata, F (Wq 54/1)
Sonata, g (Wq 62/23)
Fantasia, G (Wq 117/11)
Fantasia, d (Wq 117/12)
Fantasia, g (Wq 117/13)
Solfeggio, c ("Solfegietto") (Wq 117/2)
Solfeggio, c (Wq 117/3)
Solfeggio, A (Wq 117/4)
Bachus und Venus (Wq 202/D)
Minuet, D (Wq 116/3, Wq 189/8)
Minuet, C (Wq 116/5)
Minuet, F (Wq 116/7)
Polonoise, C (Wq 116/4)
Polonoise, D (Wq 116/6)
Polonoise, G (Wq 116/8)
Sonata, d (Wq 57/4)
Sonata, C, kbd, fl (Wq 87)
Der Wirth und die Gäste (Wq 201)
1767 25 June: G.P. Telemann dies
6 November: following Telemann‘s death, CPEB applies for and narrowly wins the position of music director of the principal churches of Hamburg and the Johanneum
Allegro di molto, d (Wq 114/1)
Andantino e grazioso, g (Wq 114/2)
Presto, c (Wq 114/3)
Minuet, G (Wq 114/4)
Polonoise, D (Wq 114/5)
Polonoise, E flat (Wq 114/6)
Fantasia, d (Wq 114/7, Wq 117/16)
Allegro, E (Wq 114/8)
Allegretto, A (Wq 114/9)
Andante, C (Wq 114/10)
Poco allegro, e (Wq 114/11)
1768 March: after Frederick II refuses to release him and a harsh winter, CPEB and his family move to Böhmerstrasse in Hamburg
19 April: CPEB is officially installed as music director in Hamburg
Kurze und leichte Clavierstücke II (Wq 114) published in Berlin by Winter
25 August: EM Brandes performed at St. Catharinen
Winter: CPEB announces a series of twenty subscription concerts
An die Liebe (Wq 202/C/3)  
1769 12 July: EM Palm performed at St. Nicolai
1 November: Die Israeliten in der Wüste (Wq 238) is performed for the dedication of the Lazarethkirche in Hamburg
Sonata, F (Wq 62/24)
Concerto, E flat (Wq 41)
12 Stücke, kbd, 2 fl/vn (Wq 82)
Weihnachtslied (Wq 202/C/4)
Vom Leiden des Erlösers (Wq 202/C/5)
Klagen einer Schäferin (Wq 202/C/6)
Ode auf die Gegenwart seiner kayserlichen Majestät (Wq 202/C/7)
Auf die Auferstehung des Erlösers (Wq 202/C/8)
Ode am Communion-Tage (Wq 202/C/9)
Loblied (Wq 202/C/10)
Bey dem Grabe des verstorbenen Mechanicus Hohlfeld (Wq 202/C/11)
Schnitterlied (Wq 202/C/12)
Passionslied (Wq 202/C/13)
Die Israeliten in der Wüste (Wq 238)
St. Matthew Passion (H 782)
EM Palm (H 821a)
James Watt (1726–1819) patents steam engine
1770 Zwölf Kleine II (Wq 82) published in Hamburg by Schönemann
Damensonaten (Wq 54) published in Amsterdam by Hummel
A Favourite Concerto (c. 1770, Wq 112/1) published in London by Longman, Lukey & Co.
25 December: Concert in honor of Swedish Crown Prince
Concerto, F (Wq 42, solo vers.)
Concerto, F (Wq 42)
Spiega, ammonia fortunata (Wq 216)
Passions-Cantate (Wq 233)
St. Mark Passion (H 783)
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1828)
1771 5 November: EM Klefeker performed at St. Michaelis
8 November: EM Schuchmacher performed at St. Jacobi
Concerto, F (Wq 43/1)
Concerto, D (Wq 43/2)
Concerto, E flat (Wq 43/3)
Concerto, c (Wq 43/4)
Concerto, G (Wq 43/5)
Concerto, C (Wq 43/6)
St. Luke Passion (H 784)
EM Klefeker (H 821b)
EM Schuchmacher (H 821c)
1772 4 February: EM Häseler performed at St. Michaelis
February–April: A severe illness inhibits CPEB‘s official duties
23 September: EM Hornbostel performed at St. Nicolai October: Charles Burney visits
Sei concerti (Wq 43) publishing begun in Berlin by Winter and completed in Leipzig by Breitkopf
Sonata, F (Wq 55/5)
MM: Ich will den Namen des Herrn preisen (Wq 245)
St. John Passion (H 785)
EM Häseler (H 821d)
EM Hornbostel (H 821e)
1772 or 1773   Communionlied (Wq 202/E/1)
Freudige Erwartung des Todes (Wq 202/E/2)
Ermunterung zur Beständigkeit (Wq 202/E/3)
Glückseligkeit des Christen (Wq 202/E/4)
Osterlied (Wq 202/E/5)
Des Herrn Wort ist wahrhaftig (Wq 202/E/6)
1773 14 January: EM Winkler performed at St. Catharinen Sonata, C (Wq 55/1)
Symphony, G (Wq 182/1)
Symphony, B flat (Wq 182/2)
Symphony, C (Wq 182/3)
Symphony, A (Wq 182/4)
Symphony, b (Wq 182/5)
Symphony, E (Wq 182/6)
Vaterlandslied (Wq 202/F/1)
Der Bauer (Wq 202/F/2)
St. Matthew Passion (H 786)
EM Winkler (H 821f)
1774 Cramer/Psalmen (Wq 196) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf Sonata, a (Wq 57/2)
Sonata, G (Wq 56/2)
Sonata, b (Wq 55/3)
Die Grazie (Wq 200/22)
Die Schlummernde (Wq 202/G/1)
Lyda (Wq 202/G/2)
Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu (Wq 240)
St. Mark Passion (H 787)
Chor: Wer ist so würdig als du (Wq 222)
MM: Den Engeln gleich (Wq 248)
Louis XVI becomes king of France
1775 Die Israeliten in der Wüste (Wq 238) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
12 December: EM Friderici performed at St. Petri
Sonata, C (Wq 65/47)
Andantino, C (Wq 116/23)
Andante, F (Wq 116/24)
Allegro, D (Wq 116/25)
Allegro, G (Wq 116/26)
Andante, g (Wq 116/27)
Allegro, D (Wq 116/28)
Sonata, a, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 90/1)
Sonata, G, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 90/2)
Sonata, C, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 90/3)
6 sonatas, winds (Wq 184)
Symphony, D (Wq 183/1)
Symphony, E flat (Wq 183/2)
Symphony, F (Wq 183/3)
Trinklied für Freye (Wq 202/I/1)
Selma (cantata) (Wq 202/I/2)
St. Luke Passion (H 788)
EM Friderici (H 781g)
MM: Siehe! Ich begehre deiner Befehle (Wq 247)
WM: Auf schicke dich recht feierlich (Wq 249)
Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations
April 19: American Revolution (1775–83) begins at Lexington and Concord
1775 or 1776   An Doris (Wq 200/21)
Symphony, G (Wq 183/4)
Auf den Flügeln des Morgenroths (Wq 202/O/1)
Da schlägt des Abschieds Stunde (Wq 202/O/4)
Sonata, B flat, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 89/1)
Sonata, C, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 89/2)
Sonata, A, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 89/3)
Sonata, E flat, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 89/4)
Sonata, e, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 89/5)
Sonata, D, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 89/6)
1776 November: CPEB and his family move to Bleichenbrücke 348, Hamburg
CPEB son Johann Sebastian moves to Rome
Accompanied Sonatas I (Wq 90) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
Accompanied Sonatas II (Wq 89) published in London by Bremner
An den Schlaf (Wq 202/H)
St. John Passion (H 789)
July 4: American Declaration of Independence
1777 Accompanied Sonatas III (Wq 91) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
28 November: EM Gerling performed at St. Jacobi
Sonata, e, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 91/1)
Sonata, D, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 91/2)
Sonata, F, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 91/3)
Sonata, C, kbd, vn, vc (Wq 91/4)
Selma (song) (Wq 202/J)
St. Matthew Passion (H 790)
EM Gerling (H 821h)
1778 1 September: EM Sturm performed at St. Petri
11 September: CPEB son Johann Sebastian dies in Rome
12 Variations on La folia, (Wq 118/9)
Rondo, C (Wq 56/1)
Rondo, D (Wq 56/3)
Rondo, a (Wq 56/5)
Concerto, G (Wq 44)
Concerto, D (Wq 45)
St. Mark Passion (H 791)
EM Sturm (H 821i)
OM: Jauchzet, frohlocket (Wq 242)
War of Bavarian Succession (1778–79)
1779 Heilig (Wq 217) published in Hamburg
Kenner und Liebhaber I (Wq 55) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
Rondo, F (Wq 57/5)
Rondo, G (Wq 59/2)
Rondo, B flat (Wq 58/5)
Rondo, E (Wq 57/1)
St. Luke Passion (H 792)
1780 Sturm I (Wq 197) published in Hamburg by Herold
Kenner und Liebhaber II (Wq 56) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
Orchester-Sinfonien (Wq 183) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
3 October: EM Rambach performed at St. Michaelis
Sonata, F (Wq 56/4)
Sonata, A (Wq 56/6)
Rondo, G (Wq 57/3)
Sturms geistliche Gesänge (30 songs) (Wq 197)
Fischerlied (Wq 202/K/1)
Tischlied (Wq 202/K/2)
OM: Nun danket alle Gott (Wq 241)
Gott, dem ich lebe (Wq 225)
St. John Passion (H 793)
EM Rambach (H 821j)
1781 Kenner und Liebhaber III (Wq 57) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
Sturm II (Wq 198) published in Hamburg by Herold
Canzonette (Wq 118/8) published in Gotha
Abschied vom Clavier (Wq 66)
Rondo, E (Wq 58/3)
Sonata (Wq 58/2)
Canzonetta, 6 variations (Wq 118/8)
Arioso with Variations., A, kbd, vn (Wq 79)
Sturms geistliche Gesänge II (30 songs; Wq 198)
Ich ging unter Erlen am kühligen Bach (Wq 202/L/1)
Das Milchmädchen (Wq 202/L/2)
St. Matthew Passion (H 794)
Mozart, Idomeneo
Immanuel Kant (1724–1804), The Critique of Pure Reason
1782 1 January: JCB dies in London
16 January: EM Jänisch performed at St. Nicolai
Fantasia, F (Wq 59/5)
Fantasia, A (Wq 58/7)
Fantasia, E flat (Wq 58/6)
Rondo, A (Wq 58/1)
Nonnelied (Wq 200/3)
St. Mark Passion (H 795)
EM Jänisch (H 821k)
Mozart, Die Entführung aus dem Serail
1783 Kenner und Liebhaber IV (Wq 58) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf Sonata, G (for Bogenclavier) (Wq 65/48)
Morgengesang am Schöpfungsfeste (Wq 239)
Bürgercapitains Oratorium and Serenade
Amen, amen, Lob und Preis (Wq 226)
Leite mich nach deinen Willen (Wq 227)
Meine Lebenszeit verstreicht (Wq 228)
St. Luke Passion (H 796)
1784 1 July: WFB dies in Berlin
Morgengesang am Schöpfungsfeste (Wq 239) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
Fantasia, C (Wq 59/6)
Sonata, B flat (Wq 59/3)
Sonata, e (Wq 59/1)
Rondo, c (Wq 59/4)
St. John Passion (H 797)
OM: Anbetung dem Erbarmer (Wq 243)
1785 Kenner und Liebhaber V (Wq 59) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
Una sonata (Wq 60) published in Leipzig and Dresden by Breitkopf
3 August: EM Schäffer performed at St. Nicolai
30 August: EM Gasie performed at St. Michaelis
Sonata, e (Wq 61/5)
Sonata, D (Wq 61/2)
Ich hoff auch Gott mit festem Muth (Wq 200/18)
Fürsten sind am Lebensziele (Wq 214)
Freudenlied (Wq 231)
Zwey Litaneyen (Wq 204)
MM: Der Frevler mag die Wahrheit schmähn (Wq 246)
EM Gasie (Wq 250)
EM Schäffer (Wq 253)
St. Matthew Passion (H 798)
Schiller, An die Freude
1786 9 April: CPEB performs last public concert with an “historical” program, including works by JSB, Handel, and some of his own
Zwey Litaneyen (Wq 204) published in Kopenhagen by Schiorring
31 October: dedication of the new tower at St. Michaelis
Rondo, E flat (Wq 61/1)
6 sonatinas (Wq 63/7–12)
Sonata, c (Wq 65/49)
Sonata, G (Wq 65/50)
Fantasia, C (Wq 61/6)
Fantasia, B flat (Wq 61/3)
Rondo, d (Wq 61/4)
Sonata, G, fl, bc (Wq 133)
St. Mark Passion (H 799)
Mozart, Le Nozze di Figaro
1787 Auferstehung und Himmelfahrt Jesu (Wq 240) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
Neue Melodien (Wq 203) published in Hamburg by Herold
Kenner und Liebhaber VI (Wq 61) published in Leipzig by Breitkopf
Sechs Neuen Sonatinen (Wq 63/7–12) published in Leipzig by Schwickert
8 February: EM Berkhan performed at St. Catharinen
11 September: EM Willerding performed at St. Petri
Fantasia, f sharp (Wq 67)
Empfindungen, kbd, vn (Wq 80)
Neue Melodien (14 chorales) (Wq 203)
St. Luke Passion (H 800)
EM Berkhan (H 821n)
EM Willerding (H 821o)
Mozart, Don Giovanni
1788 14 December: CPEB dies of a “chest ailment”
19 December: CPEB buried in the crypt of the Michaeliskirche
Concerto, E flat, hpd, fp (Wq 47)
Quartet, a, kbd, fl, vla (Wq 93)
Quartet, D, kbd, fl, vla (Wq 94)
Quartet, G, kbd, fl, vla (Wq 95)
12 Masonic songs (Wq 202/N)
St. John Passion (H 801)
St. Matthew Passion (H 802)
Constitution of the United States ratified
1789 Neue Lieder (Wq 200) published in Lübeck by Donatius
Passions-Cantate (Wq 263, incomplete) published in Hamburg by Herrmann
Lent: CPEB's last Passion performed
  Storming of the Bastille, beginning of the French Revolution
1790 Preludio (Wq 265) published in Berlin by Rellstab
NV 1790, the catalogue of CPEB's estate, published in Hamburg by Schneibes
  Mozart, Cosi fan tutte
Leopold II becomes Holy Roman Emperor
1791 Trois Rondeaux (Wq 61/1, 59/4, 61/6, c.1791) published in Vienna in the Magazin de Musique   Mozart, La clemenza di Tito, Die Zauberflöte
1795 26 January: JCFB dies in Bückeburg    
1805 Anna Carolina Philippina dies in Hamburg